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cuts the public has been demanding. diskrased cyclist lance armstrong reportedly admitted to oprah win story he did indeed cheat by doping. that interview is set to air on her network on thursday. that's the knocks report top 5. >> on this day in 1969 a series of deadly explosions rocked the uss enterprise in pearl harbor. exhaust from the vehicle aircraft carrier detonated a rocket on an f 4 fan dom jet. that sparked a deadly chain reaction that killed 26 people injured hundreds of crew members and destroyed more than a dozen planes. the navy repaired the uss enterprise for months. she is set to retire longer than any u.s. aircraft carrier. she burned in pearl harbor 44 years ago today. now you know the news. for this monday january the 14th 2013. i am shepherd smith.
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we are all back tomorrow noon eastern time. right back here for the news tomorrow night 7 eastern. for all of us here, thank you. >> the factor is on tonight. >> this is pretty state fore regard. either congress pays the bills or doesn't. >> president obama is wrong about that. the vital issue is eliminating some of those bills as the nation's debt spirals out of control. brit hume and i will analyze mr. obama's press conference today. >> usa today says al-jazeera is buying current tv. it was co founded by former vice president al gore. >> another example of media corruption. the network news pretty much ignoring the al gore al-jazeera story. can you image if mitt romney did with go what gore did. >> you really believe this story? osama bin laden? >> yeah. >> confidence.
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>> did hollywood snub the movie zero dark 30 because it did not toe the liberal line. >> whatit's going to happen. >> when? >> tonight. >> caution you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> hi, i am bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. the talking points memo will be on the media coverage of al gore's al-jazeera deal and that will be in our second segment with bernie gold burg. but our lead story tonight president obama's press conference this afternoon two big issues gun control and the national debt. the president wants to raise the debt ceiling for the 5th time in his administration but he doesn't want to commit to many spending limitations in the future. the house could possibly not give the president the power to
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raise the debt ceiling in february. >> republicans in congress have two choices here. they can act responsibly and pay america's bills or they can act ir responsibly and put america through another economic crisis. >> so you can see what the president is doing. he wants americans to believe the gop is the problem not massive spending. likewise on the gun control issue. the president wants it to come to a head to highlight republican opposition to limiting guns and ammunition. joining us now from washington fox news political analyst brit hume. seems to me presidethe presiden playing politics rather than problem solving. >> i think you have a point he would like to get republicans into it. i would put it a different way in the sense that i think he would be perfectly happy to get the gun control measure that he favors whatever they turn out to be when the recommendations come in to get them past through congress without republican --
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successful republican opposition. he would be happy to get the debt limit raised without republicans standing in the way of that. he would be happy further to get immigration bill to his liking passed. i think in each case if republicans resist him he doesn't get a bill he gets an issue to use against them and we are less than 2 years away from a mid term election which i think he thinks is possible to win back control of his house from his party. >> okay. but don't you if the president gets the debt ceiling raised with no commitment to spending cuts in the future, if he gets a ban of assault weapons, ammunition, more stringent background checks that this will divide the republican party. say they squeak it through in the house say boehner makes it happen. which i don't think he's going to by the way. then the republican party fractures it becomes weaker. the strategy the president is employing is i am not going to
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compromise on the debt ceiling. i don't know what he will do on gun control but don't compromise on the debt ceiling. do it by executive order and then say it is your fault. either way he gets the republicans. if they pass they get weakened if they oppose they demonize. >> it is a smart political strategy. >> it could be but it worked so far but not 100 percent. remember republicans got control of the house of representatives during his term after his first two years when he was very aggressive about his initiatives and they kind of stopped him in his tracks. he can't do very much over there. if you resist him i am not sure that's true on guns, bill. gun control has been a dangerous issue for democrats. may be a womell bring if hemay
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unpopular if something isn't done. i don't think he's going to propose very much on gun control. on immigration they have a sense that the hispanic vote was important it was help will to obama this type around. >> it looks reasonable in that. colin powell used to be a republican. i don't think he is any longer. however he has not changed as far as we know. he made very startling comments to me about racism recently. >> when i see a former governor say the president is shucking and jiving that's a racial era slave term. when i see another former governor after the president's first debate where he didn't do very well says the president was lazy, he didn't say he was slow, he was tired accident do well.
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he said he was lazy. it may not mean anything to most americans but to those of us who are african american the second word is shiftless that is the third word that goes along with it. >> prit stee strong tough by general powell how did you react to it. >> my first thought was if the republicans have what he called a deep vein of intolerance in him you couldn't brof it by his career. the last three republican presidents have had colon powell in their administrations and they have never shown him anything but opportunity. ronald reagan made him national security advisor president bush 41 made him chairman of joints chief of staff and president bush 43 made him secretary of state. i don't think you can prove deep vein of intolerance by his personal experience. the comments he took frwere a couple of stray comments from this past presidential season
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one of them by sarah palin is not a central figure in republican party politics at the moment and wasn't then. she is out of lek tive office. she is more or less on the hisi lines she has a following to be sure then he spoke of the comment president obama was lazy. that need not be considered a racial comment. the president was known not to enjoy preparing for the debate. his aids were fearful he didn't do so intentionally enough for that first debate. i think the case that he makes is weak and it is an odd thing for a man who declares himself to be a republican and has done so well for republicans to say. >> how the media covered al gore al-jazeera. it is a scandal. the factor continues all across the usa and around the world.
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>> media coverage of the al gore al-jazeera story. >> ignored al gore selling his far left network to al-jazeera. scant mention. msnbc in prime time didn't mention it at all. are you surprised? what if mitt romney sold one of his companies to al-jazeera? thing the knacnational news med would have ignored it? they would not. they would have been his tysteh. this proves how corrupt the national media is same standards are not applied to republicans and democrats. liberals are favored big time. one guy who addressed the issue
5:13 pm
is writer fill mush niphil mush. >> as a private citizen gore should not have been made a make such a transaction unless he was a certified foreign agent. the company of gunner owns al-jazeeraful but mushnick says there is no federal law of prestricting the sail of a cable network to to a foreign government. that's an example of what we do here favorable reporting even though it is not somebody we have use for. he was correct when he wrote this. gunn
5:14 pm
>> the most back breaking jobs in oil fields are held by labors shipped from africa and asia are paid fair sub stan thens wages. this is the country with which gore choose to abodo big handsh business is one ugly thing, unquote. certainly that is true. al gore sold out his principles to people who are not friendly to human rights who make massive money trafficking in oil and couldn't care less about the big passion global warming. in the eyes of american al gore has to be an unbelievable hypocrite. you would not know that by watching network news where the story was almost ignored.
5:15 pm
it is huge for american people. no longer are we getting fair news coverage from many broadcast operations. the print press is almost as bad but the new york sometimtimes dk the story to its credit. we are living in an age where the federal government is i am massing enormous power over other lives. the american press who is supposed to look out for all of the folks ignore stories that go against their guys. since the national media is liberal conservative americans are getting pounded. that's the truth. that is the memo. time for miami to react. purveyor of gold mr. gold burg you said. >> well, what i say first is that isn't it interesting, bill, that the very same so-called mainstream media, that hyperventilated over mitt romney's comment he had women in folders, that story went on for days and days and days page one
5:16 pm
of big newspapers the same media that got so excited over that shows virtually no interest in everything you just talked about. i just find that interesting. but it isn't simply al gore's hypocrisy that the media doesn't have interest in. it is far far worse than that. al gore before he sold current tv said he wanted to sell to an organization that shared his journalistic values. fair enough. so how about this, bill? in 2008 al-jazeera through an on air party for a palestinian terrorist released from an israeli prison. what was his crime? he kidnapped an israeli family took their 4-year-old daughter to the beach and bashed her head against the rocks until she was dead. on air party with cake. okay? one year later, 2009 the host of the biggest al-jazeera arabic
5:17 pm
radio program not some french program the biggest program the host said to allah the god of islam that he hopes he would count all of the jews in the world so they could hunt them down and kill every last one. those are the journalistic values. major stream media is ready to accept the explanation al-jazeera english is different than al-jazeera arabic. and it is. can you image if fox in english said things in a civil way no big problem but broadcast in some other language where they said the most vile hateful bigoted things? do you think the mainstream media would let that one go by? i don't. >> it's more than that it's gore dealing with the country of qatar which runs al-jazeera and provided the funds $500 million
5:18 pm
nobody would have paid that nobody would have come close to paying that, the network which is failing. he took the money and ran. at any time is interesting al gore has not provided any statement, done any interviews, defended shichl at all. you worked at cbs news. the only mention. i think they are a good news organization. abc didn't mention it. i was shocked. nbc lester holton a weekend i think he mentioned it 10 seconds. and anthony mason on cbs morning mentioned it 10 seconds. no commentary. they just said he didn't. at cbs when you were working there and i was working there i guess rather and those boys, stringer, they wouldn't have done it either i guess.
5:19 pm
>> in those days something like that would have happened and none of us would know the amps we just gave. i got in from the column of the new york journal. you gave them credit for breaking the story one not three because they didn't report any of this either. i would have read this in the wall street journal i would have gone to one of those guys. howard stringer who became sir howard stringer was very good. i would have said hey this is pretty interesting. this video of it. i saw the video today it's on youtube. >> you must have missed the factor last week. we reported that last week. >> okay. i would have said let's do a piece on this. they might have said yes or no. i guarantee you then if an american republican politician
5:20 pm
had sold his business to somebody who prayed publicly that all muslims should be rounded up and killed they would have been interested in that. >> you just said muslims. all jews would be rounded up. >> no, i am saying if somebody prayed to their christian god -- >> oh if there was a fringe christian group they would have reported that. >> or if some other republican said, you know what, i through a party for a guy who killed a 4-year-old girl of any religion they would have been interested in that. >> right. they are protecting al gore because they are protecting global warming. that's what i think it is. bernie i have to run. the journal news is wrong to print the names of legal gun owners. how about juan williams who defended the newspaper digest that? then a factor exclusive the former marines injustly incarcerated in mexico will tell us his story. i had a massive he.
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a oo liberal columnist dave keller and carr criticized their onus in westchester county gently for printing the names and addresses of people entitled to own firearms. juan williams defended them while others stood by aghast. mary katherine still looking aghast. i will start with you. looks like juan is almost alone now in the defense of this dopey newspaper. what do you think is going on with williams? >> there's a long answer but we will cut to the chase. these are first semester
5:25 pm
journalistic efforts. so basic even the new york times has this. this is me agreeing with the new york times. it is different often between things that are public and whether they are news worthy whether you should be pairing those things in the newspaper. these are something journalists tackle all of the time. there are a lot of things that are public. they are probably juicy and fun to read but are you doing a public service by printing them? people on food stamps most people would argue that wouldn't be a good idea to print those with data and addresses and names after then. at least one of these homes have been burglarized that was on the list. i would argue it was not a safe thing to do or best thing to do. didn't serve a news person. what do you think now that your liberal pals abandoned you and you are all by yourself in defending this newspaper.
5:26 pm
>> what about you and mary katherine my conservative pals. >> i am not conservative as you know. let me frame the question. i don't want to there is no good to reiterate why journal news was right. >> let me make my point. >> here's the interesting part. you get keller. you don't get much more left wing. carr who once in a while he is deep in the anti gun culture. they both say it was too much. when you read that do you like go to a place and reassess or do you just say, i am right and i am not changing it? >> i take you seriously mary katherine. i listen when people offer me different points of view. i want to learn. i do the same thing with bill
5:27 pm
keller and david carr. i am glad to listen. all liberals and conservatives i love the constitution. i am a first amendment guy. that means i think people who are publishing public records have a right to do so without prior restraint, without what you think about how they handled it. this is america. you have a right to publish that information as much as you have the second amendment right to own a gun. >> i don't think anybody is debating the right it's the wisdom and ethics of it. i don't think you would support people who are on welfare and food stamps their names and addresses being published. >> wait a second. last week mary katherine said if it's news worthy if there's something news worthy involved. if you have a sex offender if you have people there who are criminals in your area in your neighborhood you want that knowledge and if it's in the public record there is no reason that information should not be
5:28 pm
published. >> mary katherine you make the case to juan rather than me. a case can be made that if you publish the names of people legally entitled to own firearms then you should publish the names of people legally entitled to get welfare payments food stamps and assistance. all of those things directly effect the folks. the folks are paying for that. >> you could argue those are basically analogous. i don't think people would think it's a good idea to do that to food stamp recipients. i would also argue in juan's case last week he was saying this is like a public safety issue. when you get to a point where you are making private citizens who have done something perfectly legal when you are making those people just by virtue of the fact they disagree with you on guns and second amendment they are a public threat you are on dangerous grounds. >> mary katherine i didn't say that. >> you did taste a safety issue. you said they are a public safety issue.
5:29 pm
>> i didn't say they were a public threat. the journal news didn't say they were a public threat. it 15i after t -- after the new shooting how easy it is westchester county rockland county for guns to be all over the place. they should have used greater editorial discretion in protecting people talk about jail guards policeman who have guns. i don't like the way they did it but they had a right to publish. that's the key point. >> they should have done it in a general way instead of specific. >> i agree with that. >> i am glad. you are alone guy. i hate to see you alone. >> a marine jailed in mexico on bogus gun charges. why the mexicans treated him pretty badly. and this show biz madness did hollywood's liberal politics harm the movie zero dark 30?
5:30 pm
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>> personal choice segment tonight as you know we were very involved in covering the story of former corporal john hammar injustly held in mexico. was chained to his bed for a
5:34 pm
short time. shortly before christmas they released him from pressure from the factor and other media. joining us from miami is corporal hammar. how are you feeling? >> i am feeling a lot better. >> when you first got out of prison, though, and you walked across to the u.s. your doctor who is on the program told me you were really in bad shape. did you know you were so physically rundown? >> i was dehydrated, malnourished. i had a lung infection, stomach issues a number of things. >> what caused all of that? >> i think it was just in a bad environment. i lasted the majority of the time without getting sick, but up until the end is when i started getting a little ill. >> let's pick it up when your ordeal began. you drive down with a friend to brownsville texas. you check in with the u.s.
5:35 pm
authorities. what do you tell the u.s. people? >> we told them we have got this hunting shot gun and we are trying to go through mexico legally what do we have to do? they gave us paperwork to set out if you declare it with this paperwork you should be fine. we mapaid a fee crossed the borr and declared the weapon and that's where a short while after that that's where things started going wrong. >> you go voluntarily to the mexican side show them the paperwork and they did what do you? >> it took them a while to figure out what they were going to do. once the certain super peer kwhoer that made the decision that i was going to go to jail came through, started doing the paperwork. they didn't let us know we were going to jail, though. they made it sound like we were
5:36 pm
going to go to a place and pay a fee. so they took us downtown, we stayed there for four-days. my friend dot out. i stayed in and eventually i ended up in prison. >> what happened when you were in prison? >> there was pressure put on me. they tried to ex tort money from the family. the american consulate was contacted and they moved me out of the general population and put me into a single place by myself. >> how did they try to ex tort money from you? >> they throw threats at you and your family and tell you we need your money. >> did they threaten you with violence? >> yes. there was threats on my wife when i initially got in there. >> how did you handle that?
5:37 pm
>> i think i did all right, because i am alive right now. >> did you fight? >> there's not much of a fight. there's a little bit of -- they roughed me up a little bit. but it was quickly resolved and we went back to talking. >> what was the fear factor as far as you were concerned. were you afraid for your life in there? were you fearful? >> there's definitely a time in there where i had to keep that in mind, but i wouldn't really concentrate on that because i didn't want that to make me have any mistakes or anything like that. >> how did you pass the time? >> i read the last end of fox company it's about the marine corps in north korea. i also read the bible. i read the whole old testament and almost all of the new testament. >> when you were in there were you aware that this program and other media were trying to get you out?
5:38 pm
>> not until late in the game. really not until maybe the last month did i realize that there was actual media coverage. >> were you frustrated? >> i was frustrated with every -- with all of the different authorities. i didn't feel that anything really worked out in my favor. but in the end, you know, i did get out, and it worked out without any one getting hurt. >> it must have been very difficult for you to talk to your parents. you had some phone conversations with them thanks to the u.s. consulate down there. must have been gidifficult to tk to your mom. right? >> it was difficult. the court in mexico was telling me one thing and they were getting other information. we were going back and forth trying to figure out what was going ovenlt>> some people wanted to give you 12 years for this little deal. that was what was staring you in the face, right, 12 years. >> yeah.
5:39 pm
they were thinking about 12 years. >> do you have any bitterness toward the mexicans? >> no, i don't. i think mexico is great place. i wish every where could kind of get their act together. >> appreciate you coming to see us tonight. >> i would like to thank you for everything you have done for me in this situation. i would also like to thank aliahna ross lay lleyton, bill nelson and all of the congress people. >> it's a pleasure for us to do it. you are a patriot and we wish you all the best. >> thanks. when we come right back movie madness did the hollywood politics hurt the film "zero dark thirty." a big blunder from a big star at the golden globes. those reports as we move on this evening.
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>> i am bill o'reilly. politics and show business. zero dark 30 has been nominated for five academy awards. the academy award winner kathryn bigelow from the hurt locker was not nominated. some believe it's because she did not take a liberal view of the hunt for osama bin laden. she is traveling around hope she will come on in. with us new york post columnist you are convinced that liberal
5:44 pm
hollywood snubbed this movie on politics alone. >> i think they snubbed her because she is viewed as an author and the movie which i don't think is a conservative endorsement of torture in any way nonthe lietheless don't sta character they are they show doing harsh interrogation techniques. they are not hit by lightening they are not arrested. the movie said that it gleaned information that did help in capturing bin laden from torture. that's what's really sticking in their claw. >> even in the case of the movie it is more ambiguous than that because you also see one of these people who is supposedly been tortured or water boarded givi given a cigarette and something to eat. so the movie i think is a wash in ambiguity. it is more ambiguous than i would be about the virtues of harsh techniques and dealing with the war on terror but it's
5:45 pm
not tough enough for liberals on the issue of how bin laden was gotten. >> that's your theory. >> totally. there's no proof. >> here is how you can prove it. kathryn bigelow is the first female oscar winner ever. she won an oscar for "the hurt locker." this is a universally praised movie. everybody understands it's a remarkable piece of work. it has been nominated for best picture. the second movie by an oscar winning director would ordinarily get her an oscar nomination if the movie is nominated. as it was she won the national board of review award and national film critics award. >> as best director. >> she was nominated two-days before by the director's guild of america. >> so all of the people who work in the industry the people who know what goes into directing a film they have honored her at least nominated her.
5:46 pm
but the pin heads in the academy. you have to understand who votes for the oscar people. these are people some of the fringe players in the hollywood business some working actively but overwhelmingly to the left, correct? >> in other words, they didn't feel like they should get zero dark 30 but they wanted to punish somebody involved. they nominated the screen writer but not the director. >> do you think there is a reverse black list. some are giwere given a hard ti. sean penn's father one of them. now i am hearing from actors and other people if you show any sympathy to the right if you say gee i saw the o'reilly show the other night you might lose work. >> i understand there's a code you speak in code with people
5:47 pm
and during the bush years -- >> no i am talking about liberals talking in code together. >> oh, they talk in code. >> did you see what that idiot bush said i know he is such an idiot war criminal. presumed you are not necessarily on the right side. >> i have had other people tell me the same thing. they will lose roles in certain studios because certain studios are notorious for this and among certain producers if they don't do what you said roll their eyes at the mention of o'reilly. i think it's true. that is what is. >> ron silver turned to the right after 9-11 and worked for push in 2004.
5:48 pm
he was a friend of mine. suddenly in 2005 it never occurred to him in a million years he would lose work. he worked for 25 years his work dried up he had a troubled meeting in film and that happened. >> john thank you very much. in a moment adam corolla will his big trouble the comblier of the city got involved with charlie scene. corolla is next. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare. we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston...
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>> back in the segment rolling with corolla. let's get right to the podcast king who joins us now from los angeles. everybody is upset out there i understand. charlie sheen is hanging around with the mayor of la. is that true? what's going on? >> well, before we start sellteg
5:52 pm
the different story the mayor is saying he posed with a shot with him. i don't know what the mayor is doing it is a waste of money. >> cabo san lucas is that where he was taken? >> he could go to san fernando. that's essentially tijuana and save himself a flight. >> it's a little cold out there in la. >> that is true. the ladies they are all covered up. >> what they said he said he stopped a took a picture with charlie sheen. charlie sheen said they partied for two or three hours. now you have to figure out who is lying is it the drug prostitute shepherd charlie sheen or is it the guy who failed the bar four times and changes his name? >> what did he change his name from to? i don't know that story. >> he started off as tony valar.
5:53 pm
he went all of the way through college then he changed his name to antonio veagarosa like we all did after college. >> just a little more ethnicity to the name. >> i don't know how i can do that with the irish thing. i could change my name to brendan my first name. >> make your middle name papa demones. >> say the mayor of los angeles was swinging as they used to say with dan akroyd and steve mart kin on snl. say they were the swinging czechoslovakiian brothers in tight slacks. anything wrong with that? >> no. the city has been better since he has been gone. i wish he moved to mexico. this is like captain hazelwood running the exxon valdez into the ground and saying does any one mind while i leave the ship for a while. the answer is by all means captain. i will buy the first drink on
5:54 pm
dry land. also in los angeles big hit and run problem. or 50 percent of the actors are hit and runs? what's going on? >> 50 percent, so all of you people that are living somewhere where there are same people living amongst you, image if 50 percent of just the traffic accidents were hit and run. just about 10 percent net. it's about 10 percent nationally. we are at 50 percent. by the way that was as of 09. so we could be over that today. >> so 50 percent of all traffic accidents? the people who caused them zoom away they don't stop? 50 percent. why do you think that is? >> well, they flee. there's a couple of reasons. >> one is half of the people who
5:55 pm
live in los angeles are here illegally. if you hang around people want to see proof of insurance or id you can get into trouble. image if you were in bulgaria and you were there illegally and you had no paperwork and you banged into the back of somebody's donkey with your donkey, what would you do? >> i would flee. >> that sounded very sexual. you would take off. it is like when a young boy is torturing animals it doesn't mean he's going to be a serial killer but it's a very bad sign when it is 50 percent. >> public safety in l.a. should be better. >> factor tip of the day. big blunder at the golden globes. we will show it to you. the tip 60 seconds away. barrel? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight.
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campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. office superstore ink retailer in america. now t $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recyc when you spend $50 on hp in staples. th was easy. stay top of mind with customers? from deals that bring them in with an offer... to social media promotions that turn fans into customers... to events that engage and create buzz... to e-mails that keep loyal customers coming back, our easy-to-use tools will keep you in front of your customers. see what's right for you at >> big blunder at the golden globes in a moment. great news for you killing kennedy best selling nonfiction
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book in 2012. cass kowall mart and other retarryls put us over the top. we thank everybody who supported this. best selling book of the year by far. finally killing lincoln 16 months on the best seller list. premiere get any of the books free. has borough pennsylvania it is obvious the congresswoman on bill o'reilly rawas misinformed. at no time did you show disrespect to asian americans. sorry o'reilly the congresswoman wins you were insensitive. terry from redmond, oregon. bill, why would you expect the congresswoman to watch your report, they don't read the bills they vote on. bill, you experienced firsthand the hula, she's famous for dancing around the subject, but did say she would
5:58 pm
get behind jessica's law, so let's see. from hawaii, bill o'reilly, it's important for you to be right than to do the right thing. you should apologize to those you may have offended. if i apologize to everyone i may have offended i wouldn't be able to do anything else on this program, but apologize, ad. seriously, in this case, no apology is necessary. matthew, maryland, the chris christie cover of time was probably intended to demean him, but my generation thinks it's cool, and probably help him. and old bridge, new jersey, i was surprised, time with you as an offensive cultural stereo type. julia walls, i'm dismayed the show with you and miller is sold out at the borgata in atlantic city. they'll all sell out, but washington constitution hall april 26th or wesbury long island, june 1st. not too far for you to drive. it's within range and see you
5:59 pm
all in phoenix, february 22nd. and nokia theater in l.a. , i know . that alcohol is worse than pot. well, i assume you're talking about alcohol abuse, eric. in mod race, booze does little damage while pot usually intoxicates when used. tonight the factor tip of the day as you may know, actress julieanne moore played in game changer. she won for best actress. >> i'm gratified for the hollywood foreign press, best job, and working h.b.o. a wonderful experience and thank you to tom hanks and gary geffen, play tone and shout out to two people who i think were magnificent difference 2008 election, tina fey and katie couric. >> do you think miss moore's cheap shot at governor palin helps her? does it make

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